F.A.Q. part 1

1. What is Zirconium Dioxide?

Zirconium dioxide (ZrO2) takes the form of colorless crystals with a fusion temperature of 2,715°C. It has one of the highest melting points of all metal oxides. Zirconium dioxide is one of the most highly in-demand zirconium compounds in the industry. Naturally it occurs as brazilite or zirconium dioxide, a white powdered crystal of a grey or yellow shade. It can be produced using an iodide refining method, where simple metal zircon shavings are used as raw materials. Zirconium dioxide is used to produce ceramics, including in prostheses, illumination and refractories, as well as in the manufacture of glass furnaces, etc.

2. Are there any cheaper analogues available on the market?

Everything is quite simple here. The key indicator of zirconium concentrate is the percentage of the main component – zirconium dioxide (ZrO2). The manufacturers producing natural concentrate are cunning in stating that their natural zirconium concentrate contains 65-66% zirconium dioxide. They get this figure by adding the quantities of zirconium dioxide (ZrO2) and hafnium oxide (HfO2). If we apply the same formula for our synthetic concentrate of zirconium, we can say that our concentrate has 70% of zirconium dioxide (ZrO2), as it contains 67.6% of zirconium dioxide and 2.77% of hafnium oxide. The information is proved by the opinion of ‘MISiS’ National University of Science and Technology. Our material also features superior physical properties, as we make it from wastes that have gone through temperature processing. Moreover, our zirconium concentrate is not radioactive, unlike the natural one.

3. What is the demand for the material?

Annual demand in Russia is approximately 150,000 tons, which is almost entirely imported.

4. How much money do you need to build a factory?

We would like to attract not less than 3.5 million US dollars, which should be enough to launch the project.

5. Why not to go to the bank?

It is a venture project and as the banks try to minimize their risks, they prefer loans. Those banks that do engage in such projects require a majority stake in the company. We are using an innovative technology and can provoke interest among competitors, and the equipment is of key value. There is an opportunity to further both the enterprise and the technology. But this is not really the point. In my opinion, this is the time for new financial as well as industrial technologies. This is an interesting project that leverages both.

6. Who can become an investor?

The central idea is to begin crowdfunding, meaning everyone can become an investor. The main thing here is the convenience and transparency of the investment process.

7. Why did you select the Waves Platform for the ICO?

The main thing I like about the Waves platform is that it allows users to generate tokens easily. The platform can be used to pay dividends on each token. Moreover, it has been designed in Russia and I think it has great developmental potential.

8. Can investors feel safe?

We give a digital token to every investor, which is an electronic asset worth of a kilogram of zirconium dioxide. This asset is backed by the commodity. More accurately, it is an option that is sold at a discount. I think this is the future of exchange trade: options contracts for raw materials and other products on the blockchain. Each investor is provided with an option. The investment is made in the form of funds loaned to the Russian company by a foreign fund, and the investor becomes a shareholder in the Russian company. The loan is used to get the invested funds back and to gain investment income. That is why all assets are encumbered, meaning the equipment, etc. Therefore, every owner of the digital token is safe. If the token holders are ready to disclose their personal information, the fund may provide guaranteeing and supporting documents. The company will undergo an annual audit and all financial statements will be available online. CCTV will be installed in the factory and any user or investor will be able to watch the process live. If someone is displeased and wants to quit, he/she is free to do so at any time.

9. Why do you use a foreign investment fund?

It is prohibited to sell cryptocurrencies in Russia. As investments are made in cryptocurrency, such as bitcoin, Ethereum and others, they will be received and sold overseas. The money is credited to the USD account of the Investment Fund, and afterwards is transferred to the account of our company in Russia under the loan contract. The Investment Fund is registered in Cyprus. The Cypriot Fund will hold a 49% stake in the company, while other shares will be distributed among the shareholders.