The world's first commodity-backed blockchain option

  • Based on real production
  • Complete transparency at every stage
  • Unique, stable and innovative
    blockchain product
  • Possibility to become a commodity token holder
  • 100% profit for 18 months
  • Over $1 million in R&D

ICO successfully completed!

What is ZrСoin?

  1. ZrCoin is the first ever blockchain option for investing in the production of an in-demand industrial material.
  2. ZrCoin is not susceptible to inflation or typical cryptocurrency volatility. As such it is a reliable tool for the preservation and growth of capital funds
  3. Investing in ZrCoin in the early stages of the project allows you to make a profit
  4. We are committed to complete transparency at every stage of the investment cycle, from production to deployment and ZrCoin buy-back
  1. ZrCoin is a liquid trading asset
  2. Investors can receive back the funds they have committed at any point after the end of the ICO within the first month
  3. After production launches, the manufacturer will buy up a minimum of $400,000 of ZrCoin per month
  4. Investors can redeem their ZrCoin for physical ZrO2 if they prefer

After the long-term scientific researches, we have developed a unique technology allowing to process continuously produced industrial waste of the glass and metallurgy industry into the most demanded refractory material.

How it works?


Investors participate in the project by purchasing ZrCoins, which are a blockchain token option with underlying asset of 1kg Synth. ZrO2

The unique conditions are offered to early investors (to 50%).


Investors can ask for their funds to be returned at any point after the ICO ends within the first month.

All funds go to the construction of production.


Crowdsourced funds will be used to construct a state-of-the-art green manufacturing facility for the production of Synth. ZrO2 with purity >66%.

Production areas were chosen also


The equipment is installed on the production line within 2 months

Each investor has the opportunity to visually control the construction, installation of equipment and commissioning works through the project site


At the end of the construction period, the production of synthetic concentrate ZrO2 begins.

After commencement of production, the enterprise begins shipment of a manufactured product to buyers in conformity with the signed agreements.

Planned purchase

After the start-up of the enterprise, the purchase of ZrCoins begins at the current price of 1 kg of synthetic concentrate ZrO2 (equivalent to at least $ 400,000 monthly).

Each investor has the right to choose between the sale of token and the receipt of relevant quantity of Synth. ZrO2

Road map

Timeline from start of crowdsale to initial buy-back of ZrCoin


March 2014


March 2014 – July 2015

Technology development

July 2015 - December 2016

Negotiating with suppliers of equipment, raw materials, and with buyers

December 2016 - April 2017

Consulted industry experts for feedback

January 2017

Website launch

March 2017

Investment company

May 2017 - June 2017

Purchase and deployment of manufacturing equipment

July 2017 - January 2018

ZrCoin buy-back from investors

March 2018 - December 2018

$1 million invested in R&D



Vitaliy Merzlyakov

A chemist by background, Vitaly is a developer of innovative technology in the refractory field and the Head of the Scientific and Production Center Tseolit. He is the holder of 9 patents.

Work experience in the refractory field – 12 years.


Victor Kochetkov

A hydrometallurgy specialist and hydrogeologist, Victor has 37 years of experience in the field of metallurgy. He is the developer of numerous hydrometallurgy technologies, and a nationwide prize winner.

Head of Metallurgy Laboratory in Ekaterinburg


Vladimir Perepelitsyn

Scientific adviser to DINUR OJSC, the Head of Material Science Technology Laboratory of the Factory Engineering Centre. Work experience in the refractory field – 43 years

Dr. Sci. in Geology and Mineralogy, visiting professor in the Ural Federal University. Author of 162 patents.


Vadim Sychev

facebook An economist, manager and financial technology developer in the banking, state and investment fields, Vadim has participated in investment campaigns for fund-raising for industries, particularly those with government support.

He possesses extensive experience in the export of metal-containing materials worldwide. Work experience in the field – over 10 years.


Andrei Nikonorov

An economist and specialist in the field of financial analysis and assessment of project investment prospects, Andrei has international experience in the identification of risks and market analysis.

He is an expert in mergers and take-overs, as well as in the development of solutions for successfully closing transactions and establishing and implementing processes for effective business management. He is an adviser for blockchain technology implementation in the financial field.


Liushenge Viktor

Economist, expert on international trade relations between Russia and China. Has extensive experience of doing business in the commercial and industrial spheres in China.

He has rich experience in interaction with the business community of China. He implemented several unique solutions of his own design to create trade relations between Russia and China.



Alexander Rubin

USA A founder of Glenwood Capital, financial expert, and expert in the field of investment and capital management, Alexander has 15 years of relevant work experience. More than 20 international projects were completed successfully with his participation.

Founder of Glenwood Capital

Sasha Ivanov

Russia A physicist by education, Sasha was previously involved in software development for electronic payment systems and building neural nets for financial markets forecasting.

Founder and CEO of


George Daneliya

Singapore A financial expert, ex-Vice President in Singapore Department of Morgan Stanley, with 12 years of experience in the field of trading and asset management.