Working with the government administrations and placing equipment orders

Our team has been working closely with the administrations of the city of Magnitogorsk and the Chelyabinsk region on implementation of the ZrCoin project. Currently, negotiations are being held with the ANO "Agency for Investment Development of the Chelyabinsk region" on securing tax benefits.

In addition, the following contracts were signed with the corresponding advance deposit payments:

• Contract No. RD-017/073 with ZAO Ural-Omega. Under the contract, a deposit payment was made for the production of equipment in the amount of 8,727,600 rubles, along with the full payment made for production design in the amount of 480,850 rubles.

• Contract No. 15/17 with OOO Urals Institute of Urbanistics for plant design. Per agreement terms, a payment instalment was made in advance on project and survey work of 2,556,000 rubles.

• Contract No. 02-07 / 17 for SibMashPolymer equipment supply. Under the agreement, a deposit was paid for the production of equipment in the amount of 3 006 557 rubles.