Over $1 million invested


Several years of research spent developing unique new technology

Raw materials

Industrial wastes are used as raw materials


High-tech equipment and revolutionary technology produce top-quality refractory materials


zircoin-01 ZrO2 Synthethic zirconium dioxide > 66% zircoin-02 SFM Slag-forming mixture

Sale areas

Constantly growing global demand for top-quality refractory materials Unique market niche

Project stages

Stage 1

Acquisition of land

Crowdsale followed by purchase of pre-selected plot of land for production


Location of the factory – the largest industrial center of Ural Region of Russia

Stage 2

Equipment manufacture

Necessary equipment manufactured by leading technological companies in the industrial machinery market

Hi-tech equipment has superior efficiency and is environmentally friendly

Stage 3

Factory construction

Construction takes place in two stages through the erection of a technological workshop and installation of equipment.

Estimated construction period - 6 months

Stage 4


Start of production within a month after the completion of construction

Stage 5

Supply of raw materials

After the construction is completed, the raw materials supply begins on previously signed contracts

Industrial wastes both from operating manufactures and industrial dumps are used as raw materials (Bacor scrap)

Stage 6

Refractory materials production

In 1 month after starting-up and adjustment works begin deliveries of production on the working of manufacture

Synthetic zirconium dioxide is a material in high demand for the production of refractory materials

Slag-forming mixture – a by-product of manufacture – is also in demand as a material used to avoid heat loss