F.A.Q. part 4

24. Does the material have any analogues?

We will use the material to register our own trademark, as there are no analogues.

25. How can you prove that the material features the claimed properties?

The developers of the technology are V. Merzlyakov, Y. Panov and V. Kochetkov. The technology is the result of a great number of experiments and there are no analogues in the world. Currently there is expert backing from ‘MISiS’ National University of Science and Technology conducted by ‘Tseolit’ Research and Development Centre, where V. Merzlyakov is the CEO. Ural Federal University and the Institute of New Technologies have provided results of analysis of the material constitution of zirconium-containing material. Copies of their reports are available on the website.

26. Can you name the enterprises who are interested in purchasing your synthetic concentrate and at what price?

We have designated the preliminary cost of this concentrate equal to approximately 2,800 USD per ton. The preliminary declared consumption quantity of our product exceeds 1,000 tons per month.


1. RHI (Russia)

2. VGH (Victoria Garten – Russia, Germany)

3. Magnesit Group, JSC (АО) (Satka)

4. Dinur, OJSC (ОАО) (Pervouralsk, Russia)

5. Bacor, Research and Development Centre (Shcherbinka, Russia)

6. PK-2, CJSC (Podolsk, Russia)

27. What the economic sense in raising money online when you have such a perspective technology? Why don’t you loan funds from the bank or relevant investor?

I will answer this question step by step.

First of all, when Russian banks loan funds they demand pledge, which raises the amount of loan by 200%, i.e. if you want a 3,500,000$ loan, you have to provide a property pledge worth of more than 7,000,000$. This is not an option for us.

Secondly, when you turn to the relevant investor, you tell him/her that you have a project, technology and expert opinions, generally, everything except for the money. Investor tells you ‘Ok, this is a feasible project and I’m ready to invest’. But there is a material condition, because the investor wants 80% stake in the Company, leaving for us only 20%. Therefore, we simply hand over the perspective technology to this investor.

And thirdly, if the investor offers us 20%, while 80% goes to this investor, why don’t we resort to the crowd investments to avoid needless shareholder in the company’s structure and offer the gained profit (80%) as a payback on investment? Given that, if the planned profit is 1,200,000$, 80% is equal to 960,000$.

Estimated model of payback on investment


Sale of products













Token repurchase volume, $ thousand













Summarizing the results, we see that with the crowd investments we kill two birds with one stone as it has an economic sense and allow us keeping the beneficial ownership in the technology, which is the most important for us!

28. They write to us and say that ‘I talked to an expert, and he told me that ZrO2/HfO2 + Аl2O3 + ЅіO2 formula is not bad, but if it had other properties, it could be widely used’.

We are going to produce synthetic concentrate of zirconium. It is mainly used in production of zirconium refractories.

Here is the opinion prepared by professor V.A. Perepelitsyn. Our material was tested in the Ural Federal University named after the first President of Russia B.N. Yeltsin ‘Institute of New Materials’.

The opinion describes the areas of use of our zirconium concentrate:

- manufacture of Bacor items of БК-37 and БК-41 grade

- production of zircon-containing kaolin fibre

- using as non-stick coating in foundry

- manufacture of enamels and glazes for metals and ceramics.